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Of Texans with disabilities are receiving assistance through the Medicaid Waiver Program.*

There are over 3x’s as many people waiting for waiver services as there are people receiving them, and Texas ranks 49th in providing Medicaid services for individuals with disabilities.**


We’re changing that.


Inspiring Possibilities provides services for individuals in our community with disabilities NOW.

To address the urgent need for programs in our community, Inspiring Possibilities, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, combines adaptive Martial Arts with components of physical fitness, occupational and physical therapy, and social-emotional health. These are the kinds of services that Texans are waiting for.


We’ve partnered with All-Star Martial Arts and Fitness. Instructors who work with our disabled students are dedicated to development of each individual. They are provided continuing education on the techniques, strategies and conditions unique to each student.

One day all individuals with disabilities will feel the confidence that comes from achieving a personal best through martial arts. 

We’ve helped over 169 students.

But we didn’t do it alone.


Camaraderie, a sense of belonging and accomplishment - these are synonymous with participating in sports, but the barriers for individuals with disabilities are higher. Adaptive Martial Arts removes those barriers.


Individuals that live with disabilities thrive on repetition. The disciplined consistency of Martial Arts allows students to practice and demonstrate focus and emotional/behavioral regulation in and outside of the gym.

Physical Fitness

Physiological benefits of Martial Arts include cardiovascular and muscle endurance, flexibility, coordination, muscle tone, motor planning, self-defense, balance and spatial awareness.

Because everyone can achieve their personal best.


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